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  1. The Best Mac Lipsticks for Indian Skin: Top 5 !
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  4. 30 Best MAC Lipsticks for Every Skin Tone That Are Worth the Hype
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There are shades for every skin tone and a formula for every lip. For decades, MAC has shown a comprehensive understanding of ideal color deposits that make them both an easy and difficult brand to shop in. The number of options and the beauty of the MAC lipstick colors can make it difficult to not just grab each shade that catches your eye. You can shop for yourself or a friend and always manage to pick a fabulous shade. Remember, choose MAC lipstick shades that will look best against your skin tone and undertones, not just one that looks pretty in the tube.

On the contrary, people usually end up giving it to a friend and seeing it look amazing on them. Work with your skin tones or undertones and pay attention to the tones of the lipstick as well. Choose the best MAC lipstick for yourself and let the color do what it is supposed to do, which is enhance your natural beauty. A great MAC lipstick that works with your skin tone will make you feel invincible, can go with any look and make you feel more confident immediately after application.

Many of the best selling MAC lipsticks look good on most skin tones but have one or two problems — either they are too bright or they are too pale, making them either harsh or unflattering. Pale skin tones require a good color and a great finish. Sheer, buildable MAC lipstick colors are best, as you can create the color and look that you really want.

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The Best Mac Lipsticks for Indian Skin: Top 5 !

Check out six different MAC lipsticks that are perfect for pale skin, below! On pale skin, the color is rich, soft, matte and moisturizing and provides an astounding boost of color that really makes the lips pop. A deep rosy tinted plum works wonders against pale skin. The color is visible, builds up from a sheer hint of promising color to a nice medium coverage providing MAC lipstick that is ideally pigmented for a stunning color. The formula is moisturizing and ideally suited for long wear. Satin finished lipstick is ideal for a day or night look depending on how you want to wear it.

One of the best MAC lipsticks for pale skin tones, the color can be built up from medium sheer coverage to full coverage in a stunning shade described as lovestruck cranberry. Everyone wants a dramatic, stand out shade, and Diva is the dramatic, ultra-pigmented, intense shade of red-blended burgundy lipstick designed to catch eyes and flatter paler skin tones. This is the wow factor color and is easy to apply and stays well all day. This best selling MAC lipstick is also available online on maccosmetics.

Medium coverage in brick red with highlights of gold pearl looks amazing on pale skin tones. Fresh Moroccan is one of the best MAC lipsticks for pale skin because it stands out refreshingly against pale skin without bleeding or smudging during all-day wear. Syrup is a weightless, lip-nourishing MAC lipstick that looks beautiful on pale skin. The color pops without being too red or pink and has just the right touch of pearlized shine for pale skin.

This MAC lipstick shade looks warm against the palest of complexions. Most of the best MAC lipsticks for fair skin are chosen through two means — stunning contrast and impeccable color payoff that does not wash the wearer out.

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Like the greatest gift, your lipstick can make an indescribable difference in more than just your aesthetic. Fair-skinned people still have to deal with undertones that run neutral, cool or warm even if they are obviously pinkish, the lightest of light coppery or pale.

Find your undertones and work with them, and most of all, do not be afraid to swatch! Here are 6 great options for the best MAC lipsticks for fair toned skin. Russian Red is the ideal red lipstick for fair skin tones thanks to its bluish red tonality. The richness of the shade makes it one of the best MAC lipsticks for fair skin, especially for those with blue eyes. The red manages to be both full of depth, smooth and beautiful and evenly opaque for a great long-lasting look with the perfect amount of shine for a refreshing, moisturized look.

Matte Nudes for NC42 (and other Asian skin tones) | Shahana Ullah

Giddy is one of the best selling MAC lipsticks for fair skin because it is a rich yet light shade of pink accented with shimmering flecks of gold. The consistency is perfect for a smooth application that lasts all day without fading, moisturizes your lips and highlights all the tones of your fair skin.

Angel is the perfect combination of shimmer and a soft pink lipstick color to work on fair skin. The coverage is light to medium, thankfully soft and smooth and can be used with another complementary shade to add a bit of depth and sparkle to your lipstick style. Hug Me is the perfect nude lipstick for a fair skinned person for a natural look pout with the perfect amount of shine.

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The formula nourishes lips and feels weightless, which means wearing this MAC nude lipstick will feel as natural as the color looks. This is the perfect lipstick to look and feel like an enhanced version of your naturally beautiful self. Some of the best MAC lipsticks are the bright and bold, heavily pigmented shades, like the bright fuchsia matte named All Fired Up.

This is one of the better bold MAC lipstick shades for fair skin that will pull at the undertones to make certain the look is optimally balanced for your skin. All Fired Up is focus-stealing and eye-catching on fair skin without being overpowering. Honeylove is the perfect beige MAC lipstick for fair skin: The touch of rose works with the beige to prevent washout and helps to boost the luster in the finish for a great everyday look. Medium skin tones have a similar issue to those with olive skin. A lot of MAC lipstick colors look good on medium toned skin, but that one amazing color can be a bit more difficult to get a hold of.

Essentially, most of the options look good, but the most stunning and the best MAC lipsticks for medium skin are much harder to find. You have a few great choices below, each with a perfect combination of flattering shade and a stunning finish. Vegas Volt is the perfect coral colored MAC lipstick for medium toned skin. The pigments used to create this bold coral color pick up on and enhance the undertones of your skin to create a stunning look that is eye-catching and flattering.

Frost lipstick is not for the faint of heart or for those lacking in style. The formula provides a semi-lustrous finish on a buildable color. A quick swipe is enough for a visible difference but if you want a significantly frosted look, keep layering until you have medium coverage and can really appreciate the pearlized color. Find the right balance of coverage for the MAC lipstick and watch the pearlized, shimmery finish work wonders next to your skin.

The color will pop and dazzle solely because of the heavily pigmented nature of the enhanced shade. The gel-based formula will give you 8 hours of comfortable, non-sticky wear that does not fade. The peachy nude color Back in Vogue is a retro matte liquid lip color that is perfect for medium skin tones.

The pink is just enough to stand out, and the peach of the color is what makes this MAC lipstick so flattering on the medium skin. The finish for retro matte MAC lipsticks is a liquid suede texture that feels great, thanks to the moisturizing formula that will not dry out your lips. Red always provides a bit of va-va-voom when applied correctly and in the ideal shade. Every penny from this popular MAC lipstick shade is given to charity so you can look good and feel good on the inside and out. Hurry up to pick one of the best MAC lipsticks online at maccosmetics.

Fresh Brew has a lightweight, pearlized finish that perfectly personifies a stunning nude MAC lipstick. The color is just enough to be noticed but not so bright as to seem horrifically unnatural. Smooth application and buildable color are key to building a lustrous light to medium coverage look.

30 Best MAC Lipsticks for Every Skin Tone That Are Worth the Hype

Darker skinned consumers used to have a difficult time picking MAC lipstick shades, but the true key is depth. Lipsticks with a deep and visible color payoff will make a big difference against dark skin tones. Personal glamour and style will always include utilizing the right touches and the right shade of MAC lipstick can make all the difference in your day-to-day looks.

Once you find that perfect shade that can carry you through the day and any outfit changes you have to make, you have essentially got it made. Mac Taupe Lipstick: Perfect for dusky girls, and one lipstick that every Indian girl needs to test out atleast once in the mac store. A color my sister swears by — this is like the color of earthy, terracotta tiles and looks like the perfect peach on Indian skin tones. Mac Twig Lipstick: Another pinky brown thats great for work.


Personally i think Twig works best on dusky skintones and Cosmo works best on medium skintones but to each his own! Definitely a nice work wear shade- has a hint of a plummy color to it!

Mac Mocha Lipstick: One of my personal favourites honestly and a peachy brown i cannot get enough of. The satin texture may be a tad bit drying but its a beautiful peachy brown that doubles up as a nude when you want it to! Mac Creme in Your Coffee Lipstick: Works best on deep skin tones, and gives a plummy brown but natural look. If cosmo looks too pale on you, creme in your coffee wont dissapoint one bit! Medium skintones may find it a bit too dark , but perfect for dusky ones. Follow peachesandblush on Instagram. Thanks for this Mehak, I make mental notes and finally when i am at the store my mind goes blank!

I have to try mocha, creme in your coffee and the Glamour era… NOW!!! I too have taupe and creme in your coffee.. All of them are such beautiful colours. I have Mocha and I totally love it. I want Taupe. Twig is looking great on you: Are Taupe and Mocha similar btw? Shami you are not alone. I am an Nc42 and twig looks terrible on me like I am trying to pull off a cool toned pink. The brown never seems to show up.

I am NC 37 and Twig looks nice on me. On the contrary, it brightens me up! Am I missing something? I think twig is one of those lipsticks which looks diff on everyone. My sis is NC 42 and it looks like nude on her, on me im nc 40 it looks plummy.. Try applying a brown or neutral color lip liner. My personal fav is Mac Mahogany. Hope this helps! Velvet teddy was too light, captive too dark for my taste and mocha looked awful on my parched lips.

I want to get the glamour era lipstick. Hope it is moisturising. Mac mocha is my favourite……. I think mac store is like fairy land for lipstick lovers….. I am always confuse which one to buy whenever I visit the mac store…… but this type of compilation always help…… lovely lip swatches. Great compilation! I have jotted down the names and will definitely try them out next! Your email address will not be published. Lipsticks , MAC , Reviews. See full review here 2. See full review here 4. See full review here 5.

See full review here 6. Best lipsticks for dusky girls best mac lipstick for indian skin best mac lipstick for indian skin tone Best mac lipsticks for NC 40 Mac glamour era lipstick mac lipstick shades in india. You may also like. Lipsticks , MAC.

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